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rooms @ the dolau inn

We also Own rooms @ the dolau inn, Purchased in July 2021 from Brains, who purchased the former public house, then closed it down in 2016. Brains then subsequently put in a planning application to convert it from a public house into a letting rooms to the approx cost of £500,000 to add additional bed space to another property they owned in New Quay.

The work was completed in 2020, opening up for just a short time before Covid-19 forced Wales and the rest of the UK back into lockdown, then seeing Brains reduce their business leasing out some of its 156 pubs / properties to Marstons, a midlands based brewery. The Dolau Inn then became part of a Brains property sell off, hence where we are today.

The recently renovated Dolau Inn with its now 8 spacious rooms all on a room only basis, each named after characters from ‘Dylan Thomas’s last play written, ‘Under Milk Wood’ a nod to his time spent in New Quay and the possible basis for the writing of the radio play that then became a stage play, its thought completed just before its 1st performance went live on stage in New York.


Dylan Thomas frequented in New Quay during 1944 & 1945 and its very likely that Llarreggub  ‘the cliff perched town at the far ends of wales’ featured in in this play and is based on the village. 


The Dolau Inn, before being transformed into its current state was a fond watering hole of Dylan when he was in New Quay , he lived at 'Majoda' towards Llanina during the years he was here and its believed that characters in ‘under milk wood’ were based on locals that he met during his time here. 

The debate still goes on to whether Llarraggub was New Quay or Laugharn something we will never now know.

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