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New Quay, West Wales 

New Quay is a quaint village set in Ceredigion, West Wales regularly mixed up with Newquay Cornwall, yes there are 2 New Quay's

New Quay was once a flourishing shipbuilding centre and fishing port.

The miles of secluded coves around New Quay provided the ideal hiding places for smuggling spirits and tobacco.

But Today New Quay is a go to holiday destination & fishing village, supplying fresh lobster, crab & cardigan bay prawns to local bars and restaurants as well as sending them further a field to Spain.

​New Quay’s boasts sandy beaches that arc around the bay, on low tide you can walk out as far as Llanina point even being able to walk to Aberaeron certain times of the year on very low tides, this then forming a section of the Wales coastal path on low tide. See the links below for more coastal path & tide time information.

The wonders of Cardigan Bay

Bottlenose dolphins are present all year round in cardigan bay along with Harbour porpoise who also a frequent the area. 

The coastline between New Quay and Cardigan is noted for its marine wildlife which also includes many marine birds & grey seals. During the summer months sightings of sun fish and many types of jellyfish are visible in the waters around the bay.

Dolphins are wild free animals so there is no guarantee of a sighting, but from May time on during the summer months are the best times to spot them , There's no good time but early morning, evening and immediately after high tide and calm seas all help to spot them frolicking in the bay.

New Quay is a central hub to a Pod of up to 30 bottlenose dolphins, often utilising the reef area as a feeding ground due to the abundance of food there.

New Quay is also a place of migration for many species of seabird including guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes, fulmar and Manx shearwater to name a few, these birds often cross entire oceans and return to the same 4" of rock face to make nests for their chick's.
Because New Quay is a North facing headland/bay it is very sheltered from the UK's prevailing south-westerly conditions, this makes the waters sheltered and safe for boats and wildlife alike.

There are several companies in New Quay that do a variety of boat trips for you to catch a glimpse of the marine wildlife in the area , varying from short 1 hour trips to all day fishing trips. 

Photos Courtesy of Dafydd Lewis & Dolphin Spotting Boat Trips  

For Dolphin Spotting/Wildlife Boat Trips & Fishing Trip Bookings Click The links Below 

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Wales Coastal Path


Wales has over 870 mile of coastal path; fair winds and following seas sits at the mid point of the coastal path making New Quay an ideal location to explore some of Ceredigion's amazing stretches of coastal walks while taking in breath taking panoramic views over the bay and maybe catching a glimpse of the dolphins on your walk.


Ceredigion's 60 miles (96km) Of Coast Path is a very special part of the Wales Coast Path, with probably the most varied landscape and terrain of the  870 mile (1400km) route. As well as great views north towards Snowdonia and south towards Pembrokeshire, the Ceredigion Coast path has a wealth of wildlife, geological and archaeological features and a colourful history to discover along the way

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